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Serial Vengeance by Melissa Wren: Review

Serial Vengeance by Melissa Wren

Olivia Penn is a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter for the Washington Post. In the last two years a lot has happened from the disappearance of her best friend Stacy after a night out, to her son Patrick being still born.

With the help of a friend within the police force Olivia is on the case of some high profile suicides, all of whom left behind a suicide note with a very common line; "I deserve to die", leading Olivia to believe these aren't suicides and the want to break the story.

However the more Olivia delves into the story, the closer she comes to the truth and her own demise.

I have to admit to really enjoyed this book, I found from the first page it was hard to put down (and actually managed to finish it in days, which of late has been a huge struggle for me). I wanted to keep reading and delving deeper into the story, what would happen next - were my theories right or wrong?

While the story hinted at a certain person being 'The Punisher' I did have other ideas early on, so I really had to keep reading to find out if I was right.

Quite a dark, psychological thriller - I would suggest this book to anyone who loves such genres as I think, like me - you will find it hard to put down, once you pick it up.

To find out more about Serial Vengeance or its author Melissa Wren take a peek over on:

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Last Ancient by Eliot Baker: Review


Around Nantucket Island, brutal crime scenes are peppered with ancient coins, found by the one man who can unlock their meaning. But what do the coins have to do with the crimes? Or the sudden disease epidemic? Even the creature? And who--or what--left them?

The answer leads reporter Simon Stephenson on a journey through ancient mythology, numismatics, and the occult. Not to mention his own past, which turns out to be even darker than he'd realized; his murdered father was a feared arms dealer, after all. Along the way, Simon battles panic attacks and a host of nasty characters -- some natural, others less so -- while his heiress fiancee goes bridezilla, and a gorgeous rival TV reporter conceals her own intentions.


The book starts with a bang, Simon the main character is out following the brutal killings of local deer on Nantucket, as more deer turn up, so do ancient coins and soon well it isn't just the deer running riot as mythical creatures and a deadly virus start to come to light.

The story takes Simon on a roller coaster ride, as he follows the clues and the coins to find out just what really is going on. He has to face up to some of his childhood dramas, which he thought were long behind him, while learning the truth of who others in his life are.

He is actually a character you could resonate with (apart from the fact his father had been a well-known and hunted criminal until his death of course), he is laid back, he has a job he likes and a fiancĂ© he seems at least at first to love, which, when things start to happen left me wondering, just how would I cope finding out these secrets?

The book surprised me as it journeys through a number of different genres, moving from one to the other seamlessly. I often didn't know what to expect from each turn of the page and it really did offer some surprises I didn't see coming along the way.

The Last Ancient is a beautifully written book that just flows at a constant pace, it offered a type of book, I personally hadn't read before and the multi layers in it just make it stand out. Personally I would love to see it made into a film.

If you are a fan of the mystical and all things mythological - you might just want to grab this book and find out what happened to the last ancient.

About the author

Eliot Baker lives in Finland. He teaches communications at a local college and runs an editing and translating business, but would be content singing for his heavy metal band and writing novels full-time. He grew up near Seattle, got his B.A. in World Literature at Pitzer College, and got his M.S. in Science Journalism from Boston University. He was an award-winning journalist at the Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror, and before that he wrote for the Harvard Health Letters. He spent four years pursuing a career in the sciences while at the Harvard Extension School, during which time he spun old people in NASA-designed rocket chairs and kept younger people awake for 86 hours at a time in a sleep deprivation study. He likes good books, all music, and bad movies, and believes music and literature snobs just need a hug. His latest book is the supernatural thriller/historical mystery, The Last Ancient.

Visit his blog at

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Saturday, 9 August 2014

YA A-Z Tag

A: A book you wish you owned?

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. Yup, still haven't got around to picking that bad boy up. Oops.

B: Best book cover?

 Still think this is absolutely beautiful!

C: Could you see yourself with any of your favourite characters?
I don't actually think I could, no.

D: Do you ever wish you could live in a fictional world?

Often - they seem a lot more interesting and exciting sometimes.

E: Epic battle or love story?

How about a little bit of both?

F: Favourite YA title you have read so far?

Wow, do you really have to ask me this? I really don't know if I can choose!

G: Ghosts or aliens?


H: How do you choose which books to buy?

I generally read lots of book blogs and watch lots of Booktube videos and get inspired that way. Beth from Plastic Rosaries is a big influence on my buys and sometimes the shops just draw me in!
 I: If you could be a fictional character for a day, who would you be and why?
 Harper from the Watersong series. Her dedication to her sister is unwavering and she seems like my kind of girl.
J: Judge books by their covers?
 I'm so ashamed but yes. Gorgeous covers often draw me in!

K: Killing characters in YA books - should it be allowed?

Yes! Sometimes it needs to be done for the story to continue!

L: Least favourite book you've read?

The Arrivals by Melissa Marr. 

M: Male protagonist or female protagonist?

Either or, I'm not bothered. I have been loving books with female protagonists recently though.

N: Name a book you are desperate to read?

 Crown Of Midnight by Sarah J Maas before the next book in the series comes out..I even own it and still haven't read it yet!

O: One book you want everyone to read?

Brightest Kind Of Darkness by P T Michelle
 P: Pick five characters you'd want on your side in an apocalypse?
1. Katniss Everdeen for obvious reasons 
2. Celaena from the Throne Of Glass series because she kicks ass
3. Harper from the Watersong series because she can kick butt when she wants to
4. Finnick Odair if he wasn't dead *sob*
5. Four. 

Q: Quick read or long read?

Either. Depends on my mood.

R: Reading is essential to a happy life - agree?

Wouldn't necessarily say essential but it definitely helps!

S: Series or standalone?

I am very much a series girl but I do have a few standalones that I love! 

T: Tell us the most recent book you've read?

That would be The Deadliners by Rachel Medhurst! Been in a major reading slump since due to tons of work and no time to read!
 U: Under the duvet - scariest book you've read?
I can't remember what it was called but I remember reading a book when I was younger that seemed very... Satanic -  don't know where it came from either!

V: Vaporise which series with a magic wand?

The Twilight series. Sorry.

W: What do you love most about YA fiction?

How they can all be so different but so great.

X: X marks the spot - where is your favourite reading spot?

Curled up in my armchair

Y: Your house is on fire - which three books would you save?

Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban, Wake by Amanda Hocking, Soul Beach by Kate Harrison

Z: Zombies or vampires?


Saturday, 2 August 2014

Book Blogger Get To Know Me | Tag

I thought it would be fun to complete a book blogger 'Get To Know Me' tag so here goes (I'm hoping Sarah and other HOEW members will do the same). 

Tell us five random facts about you

- I currently write for two other blogs apart from this one and am on a hiatus from another project right now.
- I could live off of Chinese food if I had to.
- I am one of five children. All of my siblings are old enough to be my parent.
- I want three or four kids. Two boys and a girl or two boys, two girls.
- I have recently been in the biggest reading slump of my life...sorry!

When is your birthday?

My birthday is January 29th.

What is your favourite colour?

It used to be red but I am much more a purple girl now.

What is your favourite memory?

When my son was born. I may have caught an infection during the labour but Jack being placed in my arms just seconds after giving birth to him was amazing.

Describe a day in your life...

I get up, make breakfast for everyone, check emails and social media, do housework, run errands, make lunch, have some playtime, dinner, bedtime routine, work, bed.

Name five of your favourite songs

Do I have to choose just five? Okay..
*The Calling - Could It Be Any Harder? * Elton John - Your Song 
Erm...can I choose those two for now? I actually can't think of anymore and I love way more than five!

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I answered this one above... Chinese food, without a doubt

What is something you really dislike?

Racism, sexism, homophobia. Basically anything that causes people to treat others differently because of their own prejudices.

Summer or winter?

Summer definitely although I do love the snow.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?

Canada. We plan to emigrate there when we are older.

Name five of your favourite films

- Finding Neverland - Ten Things I Hate About You - Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past - Edward Scissorhands - Maid Of Honour..
What? I like soppy films.

If you won the lottery, what would you buy?

A house with a huge library and study. That would do me just fine.

Favourite day of the week?

I don't have a favourite - they all seem the same to me! If I had to pick, probably Sunday as it is time to relax properly.

What three things would you take to a desert island?

Glasses, books and chocolate. Perfection.

Sweet or savoury?

It used to be sweet but definitely savoury now.

Early bird or night owl?

Total night owl!

Name five of your favourite books

Throne Of Glass by Sarah J Maas
Wake by Amanda Hocking
Brightest Kind Of Darkness by P T Michelle
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie
Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Favourite drink?

Vanilla coke.

Favourite animal?

Tiger. They are just so beautiful!

Who do you tag next?

The girls I run the blog with...and you!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Indigo Instinct: Review

The second book in the Indigo trilogy, I couldn't wait to get stuck into it - the first book had drawn me in - I wanted to know more and the "Indigo Children" and what IIA was trying to accomplish with them.

The second book starts off only a couple weeks after the epilogue of the first ends.

Sarah is back in Roswell having given birth to a health son Tristan, living near Ian and still without her husband, confused about the feelings she seems to be developing for Ian and with her babies talents progressing so quickly she has a lot to get used to in her new life.

Toby and Tyler are now free from there foster parents, having joined a new school with just weeks to the summer - they are looking forward to spending time with each other as well as Lilana and Rebecka.

Lilana and Grace are spending the summer working with Aunt Mae and the diner, while Eddy is trying to get over his feelings for both Grace and Sarah.

But could things really be that easy, could they just steal information from IIA and with the threat of making it public be left to get on with their own lives in peace?

Of course not..

This book follows the relationships between the characters as they progress and grow, allowing us to find out more about them as they find out more about just what they have taken on the disk drive.

I would suggest reading Indigo Insight before staring on Indigo Instinct, although we do slightly look back in book two, I personally would feel like I was missing a lot of information had I have not caught up before beginning this read.

I found this a really easy book to follow, meaning it made for a perfect night time read - you could be drawn into the excitement and intrigue, become close the characters and then drift off wondering quite what might happen next. What are IIA up to - will they all be ok!

Well you best read the book to find those questions out yourself, me I'm going to look forward to book 3!




a Rafflecopter giveaway


They thought they were safe.

Identical twins, Tyler and Toby, escaped the clutches of a covert government agency determined to exploit their extrasensory powers. Before they regained their freedom, they acquired proof of the agency's existence, proof that was guaranteed to secure immunity not only for themselves but for their friends as well.

They took more than they bargained for.

When the brothers learn that they have unfinished business with the agency, they find themselves reunited with Indigo Children, Liliana, Grace, Eddie, and Rebecka and once again on the run.

They must rely on their instincts.

While Grace and Eddie discover that love isn't always easy, Sarah's life is thrown into turmoil, and her guilty conscience leads to fear and distrust of her own heart.

Intuition doesn't lie.

There are new players in the game and it isn't easy to know who to trust.

Sometimes the right path isn't always the easiest.

Is there a way to give the agency what they want and still retain their freedom? Find out in Indigo Instinct, Book Two of The Indigo Trilogy.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Camellia Resistance: Review


2044. Willow Carlyle is the youngest cultural epidemiology research director in the
history of the Ministry of Health and is on the fast-track for further promotion until
a night of passion shatters her carefully constructed life.

Marked and unemployed, Willow falls in with a band of dissidents. Everyone wants
something. In the process of discerning friend from foe, Willow begins to unravel
secrets that will shake the New Republic of America to its foundation.


I'm not sure what I was expecting from this book, I've found a love for dystopian over the past year and so I was excited to get my hands on this book, in fact I remember reading about it being a night of lustful sex that changes Willows life forever leaving her jobless and marked. I assumed she would be pregnant, perhaps the world had reverted to an old way of looking at things - oh how wrong could I be.

My first thought when I found out that the book revolved around Herpes was what HERPES! Honestly I couldn't get this high pitched exclamation of HERPES out of my head - but don't let that put you off.

The Camellia Resistance is set in a society that is ruled by cleanliness, after pandemics have wiped out much of the population, rules surround ever interaction, from the use of gloves at all times, to body condoms to be used when intimate relations happen and of course those only occur between legally partnered people.

A night of intimacy outside the rules leaves Willow suffering from a altered strain of herpes one that affects her nervous system altering it, to give her almost superhuman (could that come later?) abilities - her foray into the dark side leads her to begin to question everything they are brought up with and know.

Personally after getting over my original thoughts I found this a good book, I wanted to know what happened next and felt compelled to keep reading, it is an adult book which includes one graphic sexual scene and many other situations that are aimed at an older reading audience.

However I think this is a great different take on a dystopian novel and one people should at least give a chance, I can't wait to see what future books in the series bring.

Where to purchase The Camellia Resistance
About the Author

Blog / Twitter / Google + / Goodreads

A.R. Williams is obsessed with language and myth, not just playing with words and making up stories, but with the real-world impact that our words have on the way we live. Words are the only puzzle that never gets boring, and writing is the only thing she has wanted to do consistently. Other interests, such as sewing and photography, become alternate means to feed the writing habit.

Ms. Williams feeds her obsession with curiosity: people, philosophy, technology, psychology, and culture. Living in Washington D.C. is a good source of inspiration. From the sublime heights of arts and achievement available for free at the Smithsonian to the bureaucratic banality of Beltway politics and scandals, it is a great city for fantasy, possibility, power, and consequence—ideal fodder for the fictional life. She lives between an ordinary external life filled with time cards, meetings, and deadlines; and an extraordinary imaginary world where anything is possible and everything is fueled by music.

Follow the entire Camellia Resistance tour HERE
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Quick Kindle Freebies

I was just having a nose through kindle freebies for the weekend and thought I would share some of finds with you all! I hope you find something you will love.
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