Thursday 4 October 2012

Hello & welcome...

Hello and welcome to Hanging On Every Word, a collaborative book blog between a handful of beauty, fashion & lifestyle bloggers! The idea for this blog was born one day on Twitter about two months ago and finally today, it has been launched!

Expect to see book reviews aplenty, posts about what books are currently on our wishlist and much much more! We also plan on holding a monthly book club too, so feel free to join!

So who is behind this blog? Let us introduce ourselves...


Hi, I'm Bex and I blog over at Futures where I post about whatever takes my fancy: beauty, fashion, food, books and more! I'm a 22 year old mummy of one from the UK and I love reading. I've recently completed a few reviews for some UK book bloggers and I loved reviewing them so the idea was born for Hanging On Every Word. I hope you enjoy!


Hi, I'm Sia and I blog over at Dainty Desires where I focus on everything beauty related with a few lifestyle and fashion posts thrown into the mix. I'm a 22 year old third year English Literature student who absolutely adores books and wants to teach for a living. When Bex asked me if I wanted to be part of Hanging On Every Word, I jumped at the chance, so get ready for lots of reviews of some of my uni books this year, a feast of Science Fiction, Modernism, Victorian classics and Gothic amazingness! Enjoy :)


Hi, I'm Natalie, or Nat for short, and you can find me chatting about everything from parenting, baking, and crafting, to literature, politics and photography over on my blog Ready, Steady, Mummy. I'm 22 and last October I welcomed my son Isaac into the world. I absolutely love everything to do with the English language- the study, writing, and of course reading! So when Bex asked if I wanted to join her with a new book blogging venture I simply couldn't say no. I'm thoroughly looking forward to seeing how the blog grows, and discovering some brilliant new (and old) reads!


Hi, I'm Emily or Emma to you onlineys! ;3 You can catch me over at both my blogs Emma's Channel (for trends and fun stuff), and Emma's Channel UK (for products, comps, blog sales etc.) I also star on YouTube occasionally, when not researching debatable things and sharing weird stuff online.
I have kept a keen interest in American sitcoms, natural history, writing and dream analysis, and when I'm not drawing with my graphics tablet and analysing music, I lose myself in fantasy and controversial plots. I have read some fantastic books, and hopefully I will be sharing them with you very soon! ;3

Hello I'm Lauren and I blog over @ a girl's imagination. Originally from the south-east of England, you'll find me writing about adjusting to life in a new country, style posts, inspirational features, baking (although I haven't whipped out my oven gloves in a while) and a little health and fitness to help counter those indulgent calories. Since graduating 3 years ago I've been looking for a book club. My classes were essentially book clubs and I've missed this so much. So when the opportunity came along to read, discuss and meet some new people I was there!


Hi! My name is Louise and I blog over at Inspire Magazine. I'm 22 years old and I'm a recent graduate (I say recent, I graduated in 2011 and still have no idea what I'm doing with my life!) with a degree in Magazine Journalism. My biggest passions in life are writing, travelling, music and off course - reading. I love all types of books, mainly chick lit/romance/supernatural or adventure books but honestly I'll read anything once. I also kind of love zombie books a tad too much!
I'm very excited to be a part of this blog, it's going to be so nice to discuss with other people books I'm reading and I love the idea of being part of a somewhat online book club (as there's not really any near me in real life!). I'm mega excited to sit down with a cup of tea and book in my hand whilst discussing it with all these lovely people :)


Last, but not least, this is me, Glynis, and I like to blog at Librarian Girl. I'm a nerdy book chick - I enjoy hefty classic novels, cult fiction, sci-fi, some fantasy and I'm a sucker for award winning titles and those on the 1001 Books You Must Read...list. I run a library in a school so I get to promote reading to teenagers. I enjoy reviewing and recommending YA titles to the students. I used to be involved in a literary festival in Yorkshire and, inspired by the BBC Big Read Campaign of 2003, set up book groups in Leeds and Bradford shortly after I had my daughter who is now 8. I had no idea how popular those book groups would be. I set up and ran an online book club forum called Babbling Books at the same time. The forum hosted live chats with authors such as R. J. Ellory, Tatiana de Rosnay, Chris Bohjalian, Amy McKay and others. That was great fun. I'm not involved with it anymore but it is still up and running. 

I'm looking forward to contributing to Hanging on Every Word with you lovely ladies and I'm especially excited about the book club; I just love getting together with others to discuss a read. Can't wait to get this bookshow on the road! 


  1. Woo hoo!! Welcome to book blogging =D x

    1. Looking forward to getting started- any tips or words of wisdom you could impart before we begin? xx

  2. I found you via twitter :) good luck with your new shiny blog xx

  3. glad i found you guys! looking forward to future posts! i'm also 22 and there seem to be a lot of 22 year olds here. awesome! it's the age to be! :)


  4. Welcome to book blogging! With such a varied group, it seems like y'all will have lots of fun things to post about. :)

  5. Thanks for the comment Eva! So chuffed to see you comment on here, I love your blog!x