Sunday 26 May 2013

Showcase Sunday #4

I am linking up with Books, Biscuits and Tea.
Mission: Survival Gold of The Gods by Bear Grylls (won from Goodreads)
A Lady Cyclist's Guide To Kashgar by Suzanne Johnson (won from Goodreads)
Dream Street, 31 by Lisa Jewell (won in a blog giveaway)
Natural Causes by James Oswald (won from Goodreads)
11.22.63 by Stephen King (gift from my Mum)
A Time Of Myths by Chris Blamires (won from Goodreads)
Bonds by Marie Ann Cope (won from Goodreads)

 The Genesis by K L Kerr (sent for review via Goodreads)
 Dream Student by JJ Di Benedetto (sent for review via Goodreads)
Ethan (Brightest Kind Of Darkness #0.5) by P T Michelle (bought)

So I have done well in the book stakes since I last uploaded a Showcase Sunday! I have again done very well for myself on Goodreads, I actually told my fiance that I would do a little test. I only entered a couple of competitions on each page for 5 pages - for books I really liked the look of, and look how many I won from those few! I am still on my month long spending ban - I slipped up a little which you can see on my other blog here but I also slipped up this Friday when I bought Ethan! I loved the first in the Brightest Kind Of Darkness series and really need to get my bum in gear and get to reading Lucid before Destiny (book 3) comes out at the end of July! 

I adore Ethan as a character so had to get this little prelude to find out a little more about his life before Nara. I read this within an hour and I really loved it - wished it had gone on longer! I was also sent two books to review via Goodreads, I had entered the competitions but had not been successful and the authors contacted me to see if I would like a copy of their book to review! My Mum also picked up 11.22.63 from a charity shop for me after hearing me go on about it!

I once again have also downloaded a whole load of Kindle freebies, far too many to name right now, and this is an addiction that really needs to stop...oops! I find all my Kindle freebie deals through this site, although they show US deals, they are normally the same for the UK too :)

What new books have you received this week?


  1. 11.22.63 is amazing. I read it last year and I'm tempted to read it again this year. It's a long one though!

    Janey x

  2. 11.22.63 is a great book. I read it last year and I'm tempted to read it again this year because I loved it so much! It's a long one though!

  3. I also have 11.22.63, but I haven't got the time to get started. Such a big book! Happy reading :D

     Showcase - Mel@thedailyprophecy.

  4. Beautiful haul :) Oh I really hope you enjoy them :) And congratulations on your wins :)

    Megan xxx

    My Showcase Sunday if you'd like a look

  5. You've done so well on the Goodreads giveaways! Hope you enjoy them all.

  6. Looks like a great haul! :)

    My SS:

  7. My new years resolution is to buy one book a month, I have already bought over 20 and that doesn't include the kindle ones!!! 11·22·63 is brilliant though x

  8. I haven't read Stephen King in years, I've been thinking about picking him up again.