Wednesday 26 February 2014

Favourite Booktubers

I've been thinking about sharing this post for a little while now... I love watching Youtube videos and in particular Booktube videos. Here I am going to share a few of my favourites and a little bit about why I like them... (mostly bookshelf tour favourites)

Megan Olivier - Megan is a recent discovery of mine. I love how happy and chatty she is and she always responds to her viewers. I loved her bookshelf tour but I am so intrigued to see the books under her desk!

Katytastic - How could I write about Booktubers and not include Kat? I haven't actually watched this bookshelf tour yet as I need the time to sit down and watch it properly...which I shall probably do after this...I am so in envy of her collection.

Reading With Jack - I like Jack because 1) he's British 2) he's a male Booktuber (there are a lot less male Booktubers than female) and 3) he seems really sweet! He is obviously very focussed on his education too and I like that.

Charrs New Chapter - I love this girl. I can't quite put my finger on why; she has a similar taste in books to me but she is so funny and chatty, she really draws me in.

Jesse The Reader - His book taste is pretty much identical to mine and I have bought many books off his recommendation. Again, he's a male Booktuber which is more of a rarity.

Little Book Owl - Apart from the fact she has a gorgeous accent, her videos are always amazing. She constantly uploads fresh content and I love it.

Oh Cakey - Katie reminds me of someone I used to work with..they share the same don't give a damn attitude and I love that she bucks from the trends.

Afternoon Bookery - I've known Emily for a few years now from beauty blogging but I absolutely adore her book channel. We are so similar - we love our books and beauty in equal measure - and she is a Booktuber who doesn't rehash the same old content that everyone else is doing.

bethjune327 - Finally...perhaps one of my favourite discoveries of 2013. Beth is brilliant - her content is always fresh and exciting - she always responds to her viewers and above is another reason I love her - she did an e-bookshelf tour; something I haven't seen much of before!

Who are your favourite Booktubers?