Monday 31 March 2014

Author Spotlight: Simon Bond, author of 'Jesus Came From Outer Space'

SIMON BOND is a father of five with a deep love of science fiction. He released his first book JESUS CAME FROM OUTER SPACE in the summer of 2013 and is now working on his next book! I have had the pleasure of speaking with him recently and I have to say he is an incredibly lovely man who really cares about his craft!

I recently downloaded his novel and although I haven't read it yet, I am pretty sure I am going to love it, given the reviews I have read!


A midlife crisis can hit a Man at anytime, and this certainly feels the case for our main character Dan Rathbone. With kid's in tow and a wife shipped all the way from Germany, Dan's life is about to change - will he meet people he never knew for the better? Who knows?. His mental state is starting to crumble -  are the visions he is having just in his head or are they real?. A UFO believer, his nightmare is about to start, who said going the circus was all that fun...

Described in many of the reviews as an amusing take on sci-fi, I can definitely see why. Merging aliens, a circus and a mid life crisis? What's not to love? I am intrigued as to the Jesus element to see how the story develops! 


Simon is a father of five children, two of which are twins - he certainly has his hands full! You may wonder how he manages to write as well (I struggle with just the one!) but he takes his craft seriously and has even started work on the first chapter of his second book! Why not go and support a UK author by buying his book (it is currently available to download for a bargain price of £1.53, why not treat yourself?) or by taking a look at his website? Perhaps give him a follow on one of his social networks (FACEBOOK/TWITTER/G+). 

I am really into supporting independent authors at the moment - why not share your support too?


  1. Sounds like a good read lovely intro to the book.

  2. Sounds like a good read I love finding new books to read

  3. This sounds like a really cool read! I love the brief synopsis there!! xx

  4. For a chick lit fanatic like me this doesn't really sound like my sort of read but it sounds interesting! :-)

  5. This intro makes me intrigued by the novel but the cover puts me off! I know I shouldn't be allowed to dislike a book on that basis so I'll tentatively add it to me "To-Read Longlist" Haha!!

  6. many tx for the feedback peeps