Sunday 2 March 2014

Showcase Sunday

Have you noticed we are now a That's down to Sarah, yay! Here is another Showcase Sunday, linking up with Books, Biscuits and Tea!

For review;

The Whitechapel Virgin by Carla Acheson

Journey into Whitechapel, London, during 'Jack the Ripper’s,' brutal reign of terror. When innocent Catherine Bell stumbles into the seedy world of Madame Davenport’s brothel lodging-house she meets lothario Edward Cross, who feels his ambitious diary of the Whitechapel area’s prostitutes will benefit favourably with her entry. Catherine soon begins to experience animosity from the women there, as well as mounting fears over Cross’s brutal and strange sexual manner. With nowhere to turn things worsen when prostitutes in the area begin to disappear one by one, only to be found murdered by a ruthless and bloody man. Soon every woman in Whitechapel is terrified and asking, who is Jack the Ripper?

I am a big fan of Jack the Ripper stories so knew I had to say yes to this!

I'm still waiting on a Goodreads win..however, I am sure it will turn up eventually! I made the mistake of counting up my physical TBR pile the other many! I daren't check my Kindle! Saying that, here are some Kindle books I downloaded this week....

After Wimbledon by Jennifer Gilby Roberts

Joe by H.D. Gordon


The Ugly Daughter: A Memoir by Julia Legian


Sara's Game by Ernie Lindsey


Triton by Dan Rix


Penny Nickels by Layce Gardner


Over You by Christine Kersey  (Goodreads/Amazon)

The Shadow and the Rose by Amanda De Wees (Goodreads/Amazo)

What have you bought/ received/downloaded this week?

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  1. Nice selection! I also picked up The Shadow and the Rose this week.

    Rachel @