Saturday 12 July 2014

Discord Trillogy: Review

I don't think I'll ever get over my slight love of all things Vampire related and when a introduction to The Discord Trilogy dropped into my inbox I knew I had to read it.

Tara and her sisters are modern day witches, they juggle the slaying of mythical creatures, using their blood talents and the usual activities of young women; school, work and having some fun. Born as Milunfran half-blood witches, the four sisters hold a powerful attribute - each one of them harness a different element and each wields a powerful ability, one of the reasons the Milufran Twelve gave them back their powers and asked them to fight for them.

The Golden Apple of Discord begins with a bang, seeing the 4 sisters in action, banishing a foe, something they have become pros at after four years practice, business is usual in the first few chapters as we get to know a little about them, that is until Tara is kidnapped by unknown enemies and begins a night that will change not only hers but her sisters lives for ever, for the people who took her are vampires and they need her.

Tara is that night changed into a vampire and only just makes it away from her captures, running through the night to return to her family, which is where the story really begins.

Witches don't fight vampires - they are just too strong for them and while the sisters believe The Twelve can restore Tara to her former state, that is far from the Milufran leaders minds when they turn up at the sisters residences ready to execute Tara and remove the powers from her sisters.

They of course manage to escape but have to disappear into hiding, which they find out soon enough is not just from the Milufran Twelve, but from the vampires as well. To survive Tara has to do one of the hardest things, turn her sisters and as each turns they lose their connection to their element, while their active powers are amplified.

The sisters in their running come across another coven of vampires - three males, Taralie isn't sure they should trust them, but Ann insist they need to and so Tara lays her trust both in Ann and her ability and they follow the three home.

The Severin sisters, learn a lot from there new found allies, with romance quickly blooming between certain parties - however Tara has reservations about Alex - the new covens leader, perhaps they are too alike?

As the book progresses things warm between Tara and Alex a mind reader who can't read Tara's mind making him feel as though he can relax and enjoy the peace and calm around her and while they worry about the two warring sides of vampires searching for the sisters, they come to find they feel like they are at home.

Abomination - While The Golden Apple of Discord was told by Tara, Abomination is told by Alex - the pair are getting ready to wed in a double ceremony with Thomas and Ann, and the girl's father is flying in to be part of the big day.

In fact everything seems to be fine, until Alex and Tara are on honeymoon and come across a coven of vampires feeding on innocents; Tara can't let them kill someone who doesn't deserve it and scares them off, making them run to the Noricum to check on their feeding quota, a small, perhaps lifesaving thing for most, but an action that opens the flood gates from the Noricum and starts a war. A war in which no one will leave the same as the entered.

Sadly the Noricum do the unthinkable to the two covens, something Alex was sure they would never do and something that Tara so far into madness she begins to enjoy the torture and murder of Noricum higher members.

Abomination is a roller-coaster ride through happiness, sadness, madness and in the end abomination for one, when Tara uses her mimic powers on Noricum prince in a way no one expected.

Rubicon - Changing between Alex and Taralie's views, Rubicon see's Tara being realised from abomination, but the person who comes out is far from the Tara we have come to know over the previous two books.

The war between the coven and Noricum is raging and the sister and their husbands have been joined by an old Noricum prefect - one who defected after he saw the Noricum for who they really were.

This last book sees us follow them all as Taralie fights to work out who she is and as they try to save themselves from the armies Noricum have been gathering to try and defeat the sisters.

So who will win?

There is so much more I could say about these books - the curse, the Greek gods, more in depth taking but I don't want to spoilt it for you - I want you to read these books as I did - griped from one page to the next and often wanting to scream WHAT ARE YOU DOING! At the characters.

While to some these books may at first glance seem reminiscent of Twilight you really are looking at a different vampire love story intertwined with fights for survival of not just the main characters but others that live.

If you're looking for a trilogy to get stuck into this summer, why not pick up these three.


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I'm Lauren Hodge, a chemist turned author with three children, a lot of friends no one else can see, and a swearing habit. Writing is something I stumbled into on accident. I was reading fiction for the first time as an adult and wondered if I could do it. It never crossed my mind to publish until my twin got a hold of my manuscripts and pressured me into it like the cool drug seeking kid from the After School Specials.

Because of that, my books are different. I don't write because I have a story to tell. I write because there is a story inside my head and it's merely using my fingers to get out. I enjoy writing protagonists that are flawed and enemies that aren't. Not everyone is all good or all bad and I love the philosophical process of defining that grey area.

There are two parts of communication. What is articulated and what is received for only the latter can compel action. You, the reader, are more important than me, the author. I relish understanding what you receive from my articulation. To help with that, I have editors - lots and lots of editors. Editors are the heroes authors need, but not the heroes they deserve. As an author, I strive every day to be worthy of professional editors.

I'm the oldest of seven and have an identical twin/perfect organ donor.


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